Who. What. How.

  • We are Calabash Solutions

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    Carey-Ann Jackson

    Director Empathy and Patient Research

    Carey-Ann is a critical thinker, a thought leader in patient research, and a respected contributor in content development, knowledge management and report writing.

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    Donna-Leigh Jackson

    Director Privacy. Privacy Fellow FIP

    Donna-Leigh is unapologetically outspoken about privacy wrongs and violations.

    Her passion for the protection of personal information is the backbone of her work in privacy.

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    Carey-Ann and Donna-Leigh


    Between us, we hold formal qualifications in Psychology, English, Editing, Biology and Software Engineering, coupled with a Fellow of Information Privacy designation. We've worked in a myriad of industries, on several continents, held senior positions, lead successful teams, and together we are Calabash Solutions.

  • Our vision

    We believe in a world where all people are healthy, safe, free and respected.

    Our mission

    The best versions of ourselves emerge when we help others to be the best versions of themselves.

    Our approach: listen, support, analyse, discover

    • We value patient privacy, and work with helath service providers to assure and implement compliant privacy programs.
    • We listen to patients and carers as they talk about their journeys through all systems of care.
    •  We develop and deliver Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for clinicians, support staff, and practice managers.
    • We work with small and medium datasets to understand what inhibits or enables treatment compliance within unique patient cohorts.
    •  We embrace solutions that work, from technology to the creative arts, to cultivate health systems that deliver patient-centred care.