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SYDNEY -- 22 JUNE 2018 -- Calabash Solutions is proud to be invited to participate in the GRNP meeting (Insights and Innovations in Retinal Care: Shaping the Future of Patient Care) being held in Sydney, this weekend, 23-24 June 2018. We will be part of a panel discussion focused on enhancing patient experience, clinic flow and data management. The session will be chaired by Dr Andrew Chang, and the panelists are Carey-Ann Jackson, Dr Matthew Russell and Prof Mark Gillies.

Below are images from the slide presentation prepared by Calabash Solutions for the GRNP panel discussion:

  • Some of the challenges faced by AMD patients that we think are worth paying attention to include health literacy (slide 2); language and cultural barriers (slide 3); out of pocket expenses, such as parking (slide 4); mental health, including depression and anxiety associated with vision impairment and / or loss (slide 5); and elder speak (slide 6).

When asked to consider the matter of whether ophthalmology clinics are designed to enhance the AMD patient's experience, we focused on three issues observed in most of the clinics with which we work:

  • Disability rates among the aged are high to very high but clinics, by default, are designed for those with perfect vision and excellent mobility (slide 8);
  • Clinic decor and layout design (i.e. all white, all gloss and gleaming surface) often imitates a sterile spaceship (slide 9); and
  • Persistent use of poorly designed patient information forms which assume patients with AMD can read tiny, serif font with minimal spacing (slide 9).

References used are detailed below:

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