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    Introductory Course

    If you work in health care, this online training course, designed for health care workers, looks at your privacy obligations under the Australian Privacy Act and how you should be handling your patients’ personal information.



    The Role of Insurers

    Can Insurers play a role in protecting personal information?

    There was a time when Insurers charged smokers higher premiums. Should Insurers charge higher premiums for companies who are reckless with the personal information they hold?



    Data Retention Policy

    Holding on to personal information for longer than is necessary or warranted introduces significant privacy risk to organisations.

    Complying with a data retention policy will make a difference to the scale of a data breach.



    Data Breach Notices

    Companies who experience a data breach need to provide more open, honest and helpful messaging to impacted individuals.

    The formulaic nature of data breach notifications needs to be revisited.



    Privacy is Not Security

    Privacy and security are related, and complement each another, but they’re not the same thing.

    There are 13 Australian Privacy Principles, one of which relates to safeguarding personal information.

    Conflating privacy and security is both dangerous and wrong.

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    Empathy Training

    Empathy in Health Care

    Empathy is an important skill for Health Care Workers, both clinical and non-clinical.
    Empathy skills are sometimes dismissed or perceived as irrelevant to clinical practice.


    Empathy Training

    What Empathy Is Not

    The best definitions of 'empathy' draw on psychology, neurobiology and philosophy.

    It is important to know what 'empathy' is not.



    Collective Solidarity

    Link: The Conversation: Can the philosophy of ubuntu help provide a way to face health crises?

    Ubuntu, an African philosophy of compassion, humanity and social responsibility can help shape how we respond to a pandemic.

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